Thank you for your continued support of FIRST ARROW’S.

Harajuku store and Koenji store were temporarily closed due to the new COVID-19 , infectious disease countermeasures and the Japanese government’s emergency declaration, but May 30 due to cancellation of the request from each person We will resume business in a shorter time.
Please note that it will be the following business hours for the time being.
Harajuku store 12: 00 ~ 19: 00 No regular holidays
Koenji store * Appointment system is required.

Kyoto and Fukuoka stores have resumed business.
Kyoto store 12: 00 ~ 19: 00 Closed on Thursdays
Fukuoka store 12: 00 ~ 19: 00 Closed on Thursdays

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the situation is still uncertain.
Kindly thank you for your understanding.

In addition, the staff wears a mask and responds.
If you come to this store, please consult with us regarding your physical condition.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The online shop can be used as usual.
In addition, if you have difficulty visiting the store, staff will guide you through F.A.concierge, an online service using ZOOM, so please use it.