Thanks for 20th Anniversary

February 2016 marks 20 years since the birth of FIRST ARROW’S.In Japan, 20 years old is when boys become men. First we would like to express our deepest thanks to all the clients and dealers who have supported us thus far. Our journey has just begun. It is from now, as a man, that the real journey begins. You can look forward to us striving for perfection and continuing to push the limits of silver accessories.

Putting our soul into every strike of the hammer.
While being based on Native American designs, First Arrows also embraces free thinking and new designs. Design is more than just the shape, it’s the feel of the materials. Bringing out the best
of both to achieve optimal harmony and the perfect piece, First Arrows uses unique methods from the choosing of materials to the workshop.

The silver used
Pure silver is too soft for crafting and accessories usually use an alloy of silver and copper. First Arrows uses 950 Silver (95% silver, 5% copper alloy) which is the perfect combination of hardness and luster. For clips and fittings, where strength is required, 925 Silver (92.5% silver / 7.5% copper) is used.When extra hardness is required, thermo-mechanical or special processing is used to further strengthen the silver.This processing is also applied to 950 silver, controling the hardness for the perfect material for each part.

Every piece comes with a life-long guarantee.
The people at First Arrows strongly believe we have a responsibility for every piece we make, and we want a lifelong relationship with our customers, and each piece comes with a lifelong warranty.
We will fix any damage caused by everyday use, free of charge. However depending on the condition of the parts and stones and damage caused by exceptional use may not be covered. So please contact us first.