Guarantee contents / an eternal guarantee

Guarantee contents / an eternal guarantee

Every product of the First Arrows will receive “an eternal guarantee”. However, a guarantee will not apply in the case of damage by the carelessness. Please read guarantee contents / a warranty and the explanation of the product.

Damage done by metal fatigue.

We do not guarantee a broken product when it is damaged with metal fatigues. When damage occurs naturally, the customer has to bear the price of stone. However, the installation is free of charge.

Guarantee card

FIRST-ARROW’S publishes a guarantee card. It is published to all the products of FIRST ARROW’S. The guarantee card will guarantee FIRST ARROW’S product permanently.



All items of First-Arrow’s are eternal guarantees. When trouble occurred naturally, we will repair it. (Free of charge)

Repairing fee
To repair the size of the ring

size up JPY 2,100
size down JPY 1,050

To repair the size of the bracelet

size up JPY 1,050
(Please request estimate)
size down Free
(Please request estimate)