Thank you for your continued support of FIRST ARROW’S.
We have started the concierge service and online shopping at FIRST ARROW’S using the ZOOM app.
This service requires reservations, but customers who can not actually come to the store can also use the ZOOM app on their PC or smartphone to shop while viewing their products while at home.
In addition, we will respond politely while face-to-face online, such as proposals for many services at FIRST ARROW’S, consultations, inquiries about repairs, etc.
It is possible to respond to customers’ requests in a more accurate and speedy manner than by visiting us via email or phone.

※Currently, there are no staff who can speak English.
Only Japanese is supported.
Please understand in advance.

If you wish, please make a reservation from here.

Desired date,Time (12:00 to 18:00 Japan time)

Japan time

I would like from 12:00 to 18:00 Japan time
Desired date and time (Required)

Your Name (Required)


E-mail Address(Required)

Phone number(Required)

File (Any)


Please enter the product name you are looking for, product number, product you are interested in, custom image, etc.
●【Repair, etc.】
If you know the damage situation, product name, product number, and cause, please enter it.
* In some cases, you may be required to show the warranty card that was handed at the time of purchase regardless of whether it is a paid free repair.
●【Other various services】
If you have a service you would like to know about, please enter it.
●【Consultation / Other】
Please enter your requirements.

Message (Required)

After confirmation, we will email you an invitation to the ZOOM meeting.
When the reservation time arrives, click the URL in the email to connect to the store.

* Please use 30 minutes as a guide.
* Since the staff at the store will respond, you may be left on the way depending on the circumstances.
* If you are looking for a ring and do not know the ring size, please check the URL below in advance so that it can be handled smoothly

If you do not have the application, please install it.


Search ZOOM from the App Store and install ZOOM Cloud Meetings.

Tap the URL described in the invitation email to display this screen.
Tap “Join with video”.

For iPhone
・ “I want access to the camera”
・ “I want access to a microphone”
Will be displayed. Tap “OK” or “Allow”

A pop-up “Please join the audio to listen to the voices of other users” will be displayed. Tap “Call using the Internet”.
Tap it to connect to the store.

↓With this mark, there is no audio. Once this button is clicked and the red slash disappears, it means that there is audio.

↓With this mark, there is no audio. Once this button is clicked and the red slash disappears, it means that there is audio.

You can view the products in the store online while you are at home.

Click here for reservation