About the chain

When the head lets it go through, please open the circle of the chain hook with pliers [fig1] Please open the circle of the head by pliers [fig2] Please take off a hook, through a head. (A circle is expendable article. When the circle was damaged, please get new one.)

fig1_marukan1[ fig.1 ] fig2_marukan2[ fig.2 ]

About the bangle

You put a bangle from the part that a bone narrows. Please turn it aside. [fig3] When taken off, reverse the procedure. Do not open it too much. [Fig4] Do not shorten it too much.[fig5] A crack / tear / damage will occur by metal fatigues. It will cost 5,000 yen or more when it is broken. fig3_bungle_ok
[ fig.3 ]
[ fig.4 ]
[ fig.5 ]

About the belt

Please let pass the tip of the belt between pants and a belt.[fig6] fig6_belt

About leather product, leather lace and concho

concho is fastened with leather laces. If you wear out the leather lace , please purchase new ones. fig7_kawahimo
[ fig.7 ]


About the oxidation and the change of color of the silver product. As for the silver product, the oxidation and a change of color are caused. Please use an exclusive cleaner and an exclusive cloth.