Today is also a notice of publication of magazines!
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First we will introduce from here!


“Daytona BROS Vol. 46″






This Day Day Bros is a special feature that spans 17 pages!
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First of all, please look carefully from our representative’s article.
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Next, staple items from new works are slurry!


From the new work is an introduction of gorgeous items.
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BR-207 Eagle S with a carved grass carving bangle
R-166 ALL K18 grab ring plane
Grab ring with R-165 K18
BK-059 Eagle with L-shaped grass carved buckle
P-590 First Arrow Feather Choker with K18 (Natural)
BR-209 Vintage White Heart Bracelet


This was released in commemoration of the 20th anniversary, it is a limited quantity premium item!
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As none of the rest are available, please do as soon as possible!
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AF – 011L Turquoise with Anniversary heart Feather Feather (K18 Fuklin) (L)
AF – 012 R ALL K 18 Anniversary heart Feather with Feather (R)
AF – 013 Anniversary Feather RING
R-162 Eternal of the Earth Fur Store Rolling
P-585 Eternal of the Earth First Arrow
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And it is an introduction of staple items!
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Even if you wear one point or a combination, it is recommended standard items only!



Composition 1
O-062 (50) + P-234 Necklace chain with Medicine wheel (M)
P-234 Medicine wheel
P – 003R Feather with turquoise (L)
P – 004L Feather (S)
P-007 SV Metal (M)
L-020A leather string deer leather white
O-100 Vintage White Heart x 4
O-103 Bead stripe SV x 2



Composition 2
P-400 Eagle
O-062 (45) + P-077 K18 Necklace Chain with Medicine Wheel (M)
P – 227 ALL – K 18 Metal (S)
L-020A leather string deer leather white
O-100 Vintage White Heart x 4
O-101 beads 8 mm SV
O-102 beads 6 mm SV
P-567R Feather with Eagle Grab L
P-568L K18 Feather with Eagle Grab L
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We are introducing our representative’s life work.
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I adore you ♪ ♪



And introduction of Kyoto shop and Harajuku main store renewed open!




We will prepare the full volume items in the superb space for both stores so we are waiting
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Please come to Harajuku main store · Kyoto store everyone!


And there are dealer shops all over the world!
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If you live nearby please feel free to ♪