Today is a magazine posting announcement!
This time it was posted here!



A special collection of silver jewelry at Mook Book of “CLUTCH Magazine”!
Let’s introduce it!


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First of all, the history of the brand – the scene inside the store


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And we also introduce the workshops and work that you can not usually see!
This is a must-see as it is rarely seen here!


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And it is created by the hands of the first arrows craftsman
We are introducing items of gems!
Knowing the production scenery and process, ♪ attachment will spring up with usual accessories ♪
From the top of the posted items …
P-217 K18 with Bow & First Arrow (M)
P-400 Eagle
AF-012L ALL K18 Anniversary heart Feather with Feather
BR-020 Feather (L) with Flat 12mm Bangle
This magazine is on sale today!
The content which can not be seen easily is posted, so please take a closer look!
The way we look at usual accessories will change (^ _-) – ☆