It was posted on the magazine “Lightning” released on May 30th!


First of all, this is an introduction from this article!


We also participated “2017 The 6th Lightning Denim Fest in Kojima”
The state of the report is reported! It is!
As a sanctuary of denim, land attracting attention from all over the world, Kurashiki city Kojima, Okayama prefecture.
Denim brands nationwide gathered for the past two days on April 29th and 30th,
The sixth “Lightning Denim Festival” was held.
The weather and the atmosphere of the hall were fiery heat on that day!


And you are handling FIRST ARROW’S in Australia
The state of the event at CoRLection Sydney is also posted!
To say that you are able to support as much as possible in Australia,
I think that it is truly amazing, and for the people who cooperated, including the customer, there is only a feeling of appreciation.
Thank you very much for seeing it until the end.
We will continue to devote ourselves to making good good things from now on, so I will keep FIRST ARROW’S
Thank you forever.