It is information of magazine publication information!
What was posted this time …


“2nd 2016 Vol.114″
I posted it in the magazine “2nd”!
So, we will introduce the contents!



First of all, the motif has a meaning! In terms of saying and representative items,
This motif is introduced!
Knowing the meaning of a motif makes her attachment more popular! It is! It is!
P-211 B 18 with Bow & Fast Arrow (L)
P-048 Rising sun metal with K18 (45 φ)
P-043 (35) K18 Colorful grass carving Tatake metal with flower (35 φ)
P-401 Eagle with turquoise
P-001R Feather (L)
P-025L with K18 Eagle Claw (L)
P – 028L with beak crusher with K18 (L)
P-159 Medium wheel with K18
P-266R Heart Feather
P-587 Eagle Grab M
P – 558R With K18 KAZEKIRI Feather M
P – 037 K18 with arrowhead (L)



It is an introduction about “silver” which becomes the source of accessories and how to care!
Here is also information you should know!
P-210 K18 with arrow 18 K18 Bow & First Arrow (L)
BK-043 K18 with sun & arabesque carved buckle (Long)
Cleaning goods



 This is introduction of the process of “Bangle”!
It is a part you can not see normally, so please have a look!
BR-026 K18 Flat Battle 12 mm Colorful Grass Engraving Bangle



 This is introducing recommended styles!
Please refer to ♪


Lastly, turquoise is indispensable for native type accessories
It is an introduction of special items released in commemoration of our 20th anniversary!
It is all items you can not miss! It is! It is!
Clutch back
Baseball Ball
20th Anniversary Feather




And introduce the inside of the store and the studio as well!
All the accessories of First Arrows are produced in the workshop of the Harajuku store!
There are many people who do not know unexpectedly!
In this posting, those who are trying to wear accessories from now on are introductory,
If you already have one you can discover and reconfirm what you did not know until now
It is content!
Please take a closer look and add to the world of silver accessories (^ _ -) – ☆
Please come to the Harajuku store · Kyoto store!
You can meet nice accessories!




 We were able to celebrate 20th anniversary by customer’s pet.
I thank the customers who supported me.
Recently I see brands and products that are similar to FIRST ARROW’S in various magazines and shops.
You can not experience genuine FIRST ARROW’S with these.
Please note similar products.
FIRST ARROW’S genuine products can only be purchased through FIRST ARROW’S.
I pray for your happiness.