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BR-251 Concho SS stamp stand triangle bangle S

BR-257 K18 Apparel Triangle Chain Bracelet
BR-261 Butterfly Sandcast M Bangle
P-666 Concho with K18 SS stamp stand triangle
R-194 Turret ring with turquoise triangle ring
BR-264 Butterfly Sandcast S with Flat Bangle
R-198 K18 with star sand cast L ring
P-675 Butterfly Sandcast with turquoise S




TO-227 ornado Arrow Shoe with K18

O-226 Tornado Arrow Shoe

P-657 Eagle ornaments arabesque carved metaⅼ

BR – 269 T18 Tornado Arrow Leather Bracelet (Natural)

BR-270 Tornado Arrow Leather Bracelet (Black)

P-662L K18 attached Eagle Face L

P-659 K18 attached Eagle Face Radiation Metal




FABL-001 Feather ring (L) Pt 900

FABL-005 Feathering (L) K18

FABL – 018 Arabesque shape ring (L) K 18

FABL – 014 Arabesque shape ring (L) pt 900

FABL-008 Arabesque ring (L) Pt 900

FABL – 012 Arabesque ring (L) K 18



VMC-05 T-shirt (White)

VMC-06 T-shirt (Black)

VMC – 09 FA T – shirt (White)

VMC-10 FA T-shirt (Black)

Introducing the new work of 2018 AW to the main.

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I think that I can feel things that are more transmitted ◎