I posted it in “CLUB HARLEY” April issue!




The contents are here ♪




BR-026 K18 Flat Battle 12 mm Colorful Grass Engraving Bangle
BR-106 Feather Bangle with K18 (S)
R-173 Squared seal rings with turquoise “K18 rope bezel”
R-180 Eagle XXS Ring
P-510 Eagle with turquoise (M)
P-187 First Arrow with K18 (L)
P – 519 L Feather (M)
P-519R Feather (M)
P – 004L Feather (S)
P – 004R Feather (S)




Concept shop of First Arrows in Koenji
The interior of “FIRST ARROW`S ORIGINE” is also being introduced ☆
Inside the store, including vintage Harley,
Parts and antique goods, silver accessories etc,
The collection of gems is lined up in line!
Because it is an appointment system, reservation is necessary, but you can immerse yourself in that world view ◎
It is worth a visit! !