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 Regrettably it is, but Daytona BROS will be closed on this Vol.53.
I already have to buy this and read it!
Come, please have a look! !
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The inside of the flag shop Harajuku store and our company’s representative of FIRST ARROW`S are posted!




① P-025RC with K18 Eagle Claw (L) + carved carved

② Arrow feather with P-624L K18 (L)

③ P-620R K18 Eagle Grabbed Advance Gold Feather

④ P-400 Eagle

⑤ P-609 Rising Sun Arrow Metal with Turquoise (M)

⑥ P-039 (35) Radiation Tataki Metal with K18 (35 φ)

⑦ P-216 K18 with arrowhead K18 Bow & Fast Arrow (M)




① R-152 K18 flat flat 12 mm plain ring

② R-063 Fur Store Rolling (L)

③ BR-026 K18 with flat hit 12 mm carved grass carving bangle

④ R-015 feather ring (L)

⑤ R-180 Eagle XXS Ring

⑥SB-026 Feather (L) with Flat 12mm Bangle + K18 Custom
2018 Items classic from new items,

From popular items to custom type items,

FIRST ARROW`S items that are full of likeness are being introduced!

Please see the real thing at the store by all means! !

Of course, you can also try on it ☆