It was posted in “September issue of” CHOPPER Journal “!




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 Turquoise ring with attractive twist design,

Hair accessories of commitment are being introduced!

①O-208 turquoise with Valletta & first arrow
②O-209 Valletta with turquoise & first arrow (K18 rope bezel)
③ O-211 Hair cuff with turquoise
④ O-212 Hair cuff with turquoise (K18 rope bezel)
⑤ R-176 Twist ring with turquoise (K18 rope bezel)
⑥ R-175 twisted ring with turquoise
⑦ Twist ring with R-174 K18
⑧ R-179 square twisted ring with turquoise (K18 rope bezel)
⑨ R-178 Square twisted ring with turquoise



And DEALER SHOP is also introduced!

By all means, customers near you please go and visit again no matter how many times !