The other day, Australia is a famous Melbourne store

We held a limited time event at “CORLECTION”.

It was blessed with weather on this day, it was a day for event.






It is the state of the latest work announcement & order reception meeting of 2018 AW.




The customer of the collection was very elegant and gentlemanly and polite when touching items.

It is impressive that everyone, watching items with a serious look.




And when the demonstration of the best examples, Karuya carved from the soul brought by Kazuya Ito begins …




Everyone, forget the blinking, this expression.

There were people who took pictures and people who took moving pictures.




And when the carved carabi is completed … everyone is taking seriously.



The bangle with the carved engraved on the spot was screened on the spot all by the customer,

I gave a present to the winner, but …

The winner of this year was a 19-year-old young man!

congratulations! !

Thank you very much indeed for attracting so many customers this time as well.

Also, please do come when you hold an event at Melbourne · Sydney store.

We are waiting for you from the same staff.

Also, for everyone concerned who cooperated,

Thank you very much! !

Thank you FIRST ARROW’S from now on.