Notification of publication of magazines!
This time it was posted in “CHOPPER Journal September 2016″.





First of all, please see this article! In our favorite car of our company here,
What a victory experience in the past race! It is! It is!
People who like motorcycles can understand this magnitude.
And this bike seat is worn on one off with a custom made by First Arrows.
Of course you can order, so those who ride in Harley are definitely coming to this custom!



This is the pattern of the race that was held the other day.
Represented in “2016 Clubman Road Race Series – 2″.
For 14 years to participate in the race! It is! It is! Nonetheless, I ran fourth in class with no long blank!
There are rumors that it does not seriously serve … (lol)
And the next race is also decided to participate! Next time, the 8/21 Tsukuba Circuit will be the stage.
By all means, please see by life and feel the pleasure of motor sports with your skin.



And it is an introduction of the new spring and summer.
To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we released the oversized straight
Anniversary series based on Anniversary Feather.
It is limited quantity sale for each item 100, and the rest has become slightly.
Please come and get it before the end of sale!



Also released as a 20th anniversary item,
“Zeroes” X “First Arrows” collaboration boots.
This boots is a popular item that has gained great popularity right after release!
First – Arrows fans can only get it, and boots also like boots, I want you to get it.
Please allow 3 months for delivery before ordering as soon as possible!
“CHOPPER Journal September 2016 issue” is on sale so popular, please come and have a look! It is! It is!



We were able to celebrate 20th anniversary by customer’s pet. I thank the customers who supported me.
Recently I see brands and products that are similar to FIRST ARROW’S in various magazines and shops.
You can not experience genuine FIRST ARROW’S with these. Please note similar products.
FIRST ARROW’S genuine products can only be purchased through FIRST ARROW’S.
I pray for your happiness.