First Arrow’s has launched a new bridal label.

A “wedding ring” represents the proof of marriage, and there are various meanings and thoughts behind this.

In the 9th century, Nicholas I, who was the Roman Pope at that time, was the first to give a ring to his wife.
After this, the act of giving a ring to your wife became popular and widespread.
Literature at the time stated that the groom gave the bride a “gold ring”, and the bride gave the groom a “silver ring”.
This idea eventually became deeply integrated into our way of life.

The shape of the ring is a symbol for eternal love. This continuous ring expresses eternal bonds of love and affection.
The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the left ring finger also has a history to it.
Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Greeks believed that a vein from the fourth finger on the left hand ran directly to the heart.
Because of this, they began wearing a ring on this finger to connect each other’s soul.
The heart was thought to be the human mind, and also the place that controls our emotions.
A similar theory for the ring finger also existed long before the Greeks in ancient Egypt.
They called the vein that flowed through the ring finger “vena amoris” or “blood vessel of love”, and they believed it was connected to the heart.
Naturally, to solidify a union based on love, they would place the ring on that finger to signify the romance of a newly married couple.
These stories tell us why this finger is named “the ring finger” in English…

Each hand also symbolises different things.

The left hand represents “trust” and “obedience”.
The right hand represents “power “and “authority”.
It is also said that each finger has a different meaning.

The ring finger has the meaning of “love” and “affection”.
Therefore, from the symbol of “trust”, “obedience”, and also “love”, the ring finger of the left hand is considered the optimum place to put the wedding ring.

Because of these reasons, First Arrow’s focused on two kinds of motifs for wedding rings.

The first one is the feather.
The eagle is said to be the only animal who can communicate with God.
Its power does not fade. Even if it loses a wing, it will only gain even more courage.
This Eagle’s feather represents the courage to live through this world while protecting one’s own family.

The second motif is “Arabesque”.
“Arabesque” is the representation of life, vitality, and productiveness.
This design depicts Earth using the Sun and the arabesque design.
It shows the power of life with streamlines and loops with free movement.

Both designs exhibit the meaning of bringing happiness to people who are getting married.
By using both platinum and gold together, we are expressing our best wishes, with the thought of further courage and shining belief.