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BR-264 Butterfly Sandcast S with Flat Bangle

BR-249 K18 Apparel Triangle Bangle S

R-201 K18 Butterfly Sand Cast M Ring

P-659 K18 attached Eagle Face Radiation Metal

P-675 Butterfly Sandcast with turquoise S








P-401 Eagle with turquoise

P-003L Feather with turquoise (L)

P-427 K18 Watermark marked metal (M)

P-234 Medicine wheel

L-020A leather string deer leather white

O-100 Beads Vintage White Heart

O-198 Flat bead line included 6 mm



BR-218 Eagle “XS” with arabesque carving bangle

BR – 248 K18 Concho SS stamp stand Triangle bangle L

R-062 Fur Store Rolling with Turquoise (L)

R-015 Feather ring (L)

R-152 K18 Flat beating 12 mm plain ring

P-614 Najya with turquoise (S)

P-039 Radiation Tataki Metal with K18 (40 φ)

P-058 Half dollar metal with feather (S)

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